Don’t Say It’s a “Game Changer”!

png (3)Markets mature—otherwise Pure Essentials Black Label would probably not exist yet! You see, it wasn’t so long ago when most people didn’t even know what a hydroponic nutrient was. These days—or so it seems—every other gardener is enjoying the huge benefits offered by using a full-spectrum hydroponic nutrient.
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Six Easy Ways To Improve Plant Nutrient Uptake

png (3)Hey there growers! You know, here at Pure Essentials Black Label we take the development and manufacture of our premium hydroponic nutrients very seriously indeed. We’ve spared no expense in sourcing the highest quality pure, raw mineral elements available. We use multiple chelated elements and several different forms of nitrogen and potassium to promote higher absorbability for your plants across a wider range of pH and greater stability.… Read Full Post