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Pure Essentials Black Label we had a strong feeling right from the get-go that all we needed to do was get a sample pack into your hands and you’d be back for more! Turns out—we were right! Growers across the United States LOVE using just six products

to achieve the stellar results they expect from their gardens.
As a result,
Pure Essentials Black Label has been causing a stir in gardening stores from coast to coast.
However, we know there are still growers out there who are stoically sticking to their tried and tested ‘system’ and are—how can we put it—resistant to change! So we asked our chief grower, Guy Green, to come up with six ways to ‘dip your toe in’ to the wonderful world of Pure Essentials Black Label. We appreciate that switching up your nutrients is a big deal—so, if you still haven’t take the plunge, why not just sample one product?

However, if going the whole hog and investing in a complete new nutrient line is a little outside of your comfort zone, you really have nothing to fear. Why not simply try them one at a time?

Makes sense doesn’t it? The next time you’re taking cuttings from your mother plant, you’ll be glad you added this to your pre-soak mix or aeroponic cloning machine. Forget about those over-priced, gimmicky metal bottles peddled by some of our competitors. Everything your cuttings and seedlings need for turbo-charged root production is right here in this regular bottle—and at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Pure Essentials Black Label™ Root EnhanceBetter yet, Root Enhance contains no harmful PGRs or heavy humics like some competing products. It uses just natural ingredients to accelerate cell division and increase root formation and respiration. Plants treated with Root Enhance are hardier with increased drought tolerance and higher ion-exchange capabilities.



Pure Essentials Black Label™ Veg A & B
Go on! Try a side-by-side test using our VEG A & B formula against your regular grow nutrient. Be aware that our base nutrients are super concentrated (meaning they’re absolutely superb value for money!) You’ll notice stronger, stouter stems (thanks to multiple forms of calcium), lush foliage and incredible—jaw droppingly fast—growth! Why? Because this premium, two-part Dutch style hydroponic nutrient uses the highest grade micros and macros available! That’s why! The key element nitrogen is supplied as raw mineral nitrates (NO3-) and ammonium (NH4+) because many plants yield significantly more when they have a choice of both. It contains natural pH regulators which helps to make all the pure, raw mineral elements more available to your plants.Did we mention iron? This can be a tricky element to keep in check! That’s why we also supply it in multiple chelated forms to make sure this crucial element is available at the widest possible range of pH. Do other nutrients do this much? We’ll let your plants answer that!


Pure Essentials Black Label™ Bud A & B
It’s gourmet dining for your plants—and they’ll thank you for it. We supply potassium, a key element in flower and fruit production, in SIX different forms! Compare that with our competitors to see just how much Pure Essentials Black Label is a labor of love, created by growers for growers. Potassium is the oil in the engine of your plants! Without it, everything seizes up! It regulates the osmotic potential of cells (e.g. opening and closing of stomatal guard cells) and flows to where it’s most needed in the plant. After your plants are done developing stems and leaves, it’s time for them to start packing on the pounds—that means plenty of potassium for flower and fruit production! But potassium has other important roles to play too—it’s an activator for a number of enzymes, most importantly those directly related to photosynthesis and respiration. So going short on this crucial element at any point is an absolute NO-NO!

That’s why we supply this crucial element in six different ways.


Pure Essentials Black Label™ Bud Enhance4. COUNT THOSE BUD SITES—GO ON, COUNT ‘EM!
Bud Enhance to your mix as your plants enter transition and flowering. Do not use with any other flowering stimulators—just see what Bud Enhance does combined with your flowering formula. If Bud Enhance doesn’t convince you to try the rest of the Pure Essentials Black Label range, we don’t know what will!
Bud Enhance is a flowering stimulator that gives results you can see and measure! With unique phosphorus and potassium ratios combined with proprietary blends of L-Aminos Bud Enhance not only increases weight, girth and essential oil production in your favorite crops but it also promotes more aroma and taste. This is a stand-alone product in its category and the rockstar of the Pure Essentials Black Label range.

Enjoy more flower sites with thicker, longer and chunkier buds and fruits. Bud Enhance truly gives power to your flower in terms of both quality and quantity! Try it and see for yourself.


Pure-Essentials-Black-Label™-Zym-Formula5. ADD A LITTLE ZYM!
ZYM increases the rate of your plants’ metabolic processes allowing them to uptake more nutrients and synthesize more light. Think of it like a morning espresso for your plants—it’s an instant perk-up, engineered from more than ten different types of enzymes complemented with an array of vitamins and exotic plant extracts. ZYM is also ideal for growers wishing to reuse their coco coir or soil. It promotes a dramatic acceleration of the crucial processes relating to the breakdown and cycling of dead and decaying root matter so that harmful pathogenic organisms are less likely to take hold.




Pure Essentials Black Label™ Flush6. TASTE THE DIFFEERENCE
Perhaps This is the easiest way to toe-dip into our range. A week before harvest, take a tip from professional growers and stop using base nutrients. Instead, flush your plants through with water and FLUSH to enhance natural flavors and aromas. After all, your plants are more or less done by now. Now’s the time to sweeten your crop with a final ‘dessert’ of carbs, flush out any residual nutritional elements, and leave only the goodness behind! FLUSH is the icing on the cake for industry-leading growers who are known for creating the finest quality produce.
So there you have it—six ways to give Pure Essentials Black Label a try. Next time you’re down the hydro store, pick up something new and breathe the fresh air of positive change into your garden! If you’ve already made the change to Pure Essentials Black Label, be sure to tell us what difference you saw in your grow.



Confident you’ll love it!

Guy Green

Chief Grower
Pure Essentials Black Label

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