png (3)Yeah right—we’ve all heard that before! That’s why we asked our chief grower, Guy Green, to disclose some real professional plant steering techniques to truly help you take your garden to the next level. Sure, choosing the Pure Essentials Black Label range is a great basis for even the loftiest growing ambitions,

Okay, let’s imagine that you’ve been lucky enough to grab every product in the Pure Essentials Black Label range. Refreshingly, that’s just six products: VEG and BUD, our award-winning two-part premium base nutrients that contain all the pure, raw, mineral elements your plants need for healthy growth and bloom—flanked at either side by ZYM, our one-of-a-kind enzymatic enhancer and Root Enhance—for explosive white roots to suck up more of those premium plant nutrients. Oh, and let’s not forget the superstar of the bunch—Bud Enhance—our notoriously effective flowering booster! Bud Enhance will drive your yields through the roof! Finally, there’s FLUSH—for a professional grade, clean taste, better flavors and juicier aromas in your finished produce. Yummy!

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turbo-charge moisture and nutrient uptake.
Pure Essentials Black Label Root Enhance
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Got all that? Good. Did you notice a product missing from the range? It’s called “SUCCESS” and, unfortunately, it’s not available in bottles, pouches, boxes, tubes or jars. Shame, huh? Sure—there are some truly awesome plant products out there—you know, legit stuff that truly makes an unquestionable difference to your crop—but even the best products (HINT: I already mentioned them all!) won’t do all the work for you!

YOU Are Success!

Do I sound like one of those pesky TV “life coaches?” Well, sorry about that, but it’s true! YOU, the grower, must be fully involved and engaged in your garden in order for it to flourish. Sure, these days you can have all sorts of clever automation to make your life easier, but that doesn’t mean you can stop developing your observational skills, taking notes, and continually evolving and adapting your room, techniques, and practices.

So—what do I mean by “steering” your plants? Well, it can mean lots of things from physical manipulation (e.g. bending or training stems, removing leaves, stems, flowers or fruits) to denial of certain natural givens (e.g. altering photoperiods, preventing pollination, etc.)

5 Tips for Successfully Steering Your Plants through the GROW / VEG Phase
Sometimes you want your plants to grow, other times you want them to flower. We all know about using light cycles to steer photoperiod sensitive plants, but there’s so much more you can do:

1. Irrigate regularly!
Don’t let the root zone dry out but be careful not to over-soak the medium, especially if you are using coco coir, rockwool or soil. Use drippers on short but frequent cycles, producing just a little run-off each time. Don’t worry, you can use the entire Pure Essentials Black Label range with drippers, including ZYM, our unique poly-enzyme complex that rapidly accelerates nutrient uptake and the breakdown of old roots.

“Pure Essentials Black Label VEG A & B is a premium,
Dutch-style two-part hydroponic nutrient that drives
incredible growth rates even in the fastest growing plants.”





2. Warmer Nutrient Solution
Warm nutrient solution? Am I crazy? No—just a slightly warmer nutrient solution! Shoot for 70°F (21°C) during the vegetative stage. This will make it easier for the young roots to function and uptake water and nutrients easily.

Pure Essentials Black Label™ Root Enhance

Oh and definitely reach for
Pure Essentials Black Label Root Enhance!



png3. Low Temperature Differentials
You want your plants to grow, but also to remain low, wide and squat. Keep daytime and nighttime temperatures close to each other. Ideally there should be no bigger difference than 7°F (4°C) between them. Invest in a thermostatically controlled heater if low nighttime temperatures are a known issue.


4. Think Mild, Mild, Mild!
A stress-free growing environment is of paramount importance when your plants are young. Efficient temperature and humidity control are critical for effective transpiration and photosynthesis. Generally speaking, young growing plants enjoy 60-70% relative humidity (RH) with an air temperature between 68-77°F (20-25°C) – keep nutrient concentrations low and use reverse osmosis water or the purest available.
Your fast-growing plants will LOVE Pure Essentials Black Label VEG A & B, but remember… overfeeding your plants early on is a death sentence to your future yields so take it easy!


5. Use Air Pruning for Power Propagation
The diagram to the left illustrates air pruning in rockwool blocks. Basically, you raise your plants up so that air can circulate beneath the blocks. Roots that reach the surface of the block are dehydrated by the air which results in more root branching and an improved root structure. This is far more preferable than root circling in plastic containers!



Once you transplant into a hydroponics system or larger pot they will go crazy!
Once again, make sure you check out Pure Essentials Black Label Root Enhance!

Okay—that’ll do for now. Next week, I’ll take a look at steering your plants quickly into producing BUDS, flowers and fruits!

Firmly steering with both hands,

Guy Green

Chief Grower
Pure Essentials Black Label

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